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Nitrogen Helium Leak Detection Services provide our clients with increased system integrity prior to either first start up or restarting their plant after Shutdowns & Outages. It is an essential stage of the mechanical completion process for piping systems.

The addition of a 1% Helium Trace Gas into the 99% Nitrogen Pressure Test Envelope provides us with a detectable and quantifiable medium to conduct the test and both detect and quantify leaks within the test envelope.

Using Helium Mass Spectrometers our operatives test all potential mechanical leakage paths within the system under test, reporting back to the client any leakage detected so that suitable repairs can be undertaken.

Nitrogen Helium Leak Detection Tests are an as close as practicable simulation of live conditions of the plant. Detection of leaks improves safety and integrity of the plant while also saving downtime during the commissioning and start up phases of plant operation.

Our Global fleet of Nitrogen Pumping Assets are an essential part of our service and are complimented with the additional ancillary equipment needed to safely execute Nitrogen and Helium Leak Detection Services.