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Construction Flange Management

Achieving complete certainty that bolted connections will be leak-free during start-up and operation is an essential deliverable during the execution of WSG Joint Integrity Services.

We understand that the implementation and execution of stringent and robust processes are key controls measures that prevent circumstances where a leak could develop.

We provide a Joint Integrity management team and process during planning, execution and delivery to ensure safety, technical, quality and environmental compliance.

The process begins prior to construction, by efficiently identifying joints within the scope of work and by utilising exports from the 3D model or P&ID’s and Isometrics. Using our proprietary Asset Integrity Management (AIM) software, we create a data base which becomes the central control facility for the Project.

Our Joint Integrity teams supplied differs from project to project. Our team assess the project to find the most suitable solution considering the size, structure and requirements of the client. If appropriate, we can provide competent personnel management, inspection, assembly, controlled bolting and on-site machining personnel to achieve a “right first time”, long term integrity approach. On other occasions, we can integrate and manage the customers or mechanical contractors competent controlled bolting technicians into the joint integrity team.


WSG Flange Management


Shutdown and Brownfield Flange Management

We provide a joint integrity service team which will enhance safety performance, reduce schedule risk, improve efficiency, increase asset uptime and extend the asset life, thus reducing cost.

For shutdowns, turnarounds and outages, we place a large emphasis on the planning and execution of the isolation and break out of the asset.

We create a platform for a leak-free start-up by supplying competent experienced personnel and focusing on planning upfront, identifying where time can be saved, therefore keeping budgets under control. Buying time upfront allows for the assembly and tightening of the bolted connections without pressure to make up for delays.

How we buy time:

  • Employ experienced and competent personnel
  • Site Surveys for detailed, upfront engineering
  • Personnel work execution to meet and exceed standards
  • Field Operations supported by a competent and experienced management structure
  • Utilisation of our AIM software to control and record disturbed joints and remedial repairs
  • Alternative equipment and methodology considerations
  • Customer collaboration and Buy in

We understand that Joint Integrity Services form a key deliverable during outages and that our performance directly impacts customer restart of the plant. We have an extensive track record in this area of operation.

Joint Integrity Standards

We believe with the correct preparation, using competent personnel, calibrated innovative equipment, proven methods of operation, propriety asset management software and bolt load calculations traceable to ASME PPC1 2019, that “All leaks are preventable”.

Our quality and safety records will stand up to any scrutiny, additionally supported by our extensive track record in this service.

The strength of any company is its employees and at WSG, all our joint integrity personnel are competent to Industry recognised ECITB TMJI standards. Our Bolting Technicians also have a CCNSG (Contractor Safety Passport) and relevant Offshore Survival & Medical certificates.

Proving competency to TMJI level should be the minimum standard and we both select and provide personnel who have experience and a wide range and understanding from many industries.

We recognise that different working environments provide different challenges whilst onsite. The necessary skills and experience required to break out a refinery reactor safely and on time vary from those required on a construction project.

We understand that personnel selection is a key factor in our success.