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WSG has created an industry-leading Asset Integrity Management (AIM) software to support all of our service lines.

The cross-platform, multi-service nature of AIM has been designed to enable WSG to fully digitise their working processes, covering joint integrity management, nitrogen services, and valve management. Built from inception to be compatible with rugged and ATEX mobile devices, enable the WSG workforce to have a vast amount of data at their fingertips onsite. Whilst swiftly transmitting digital activity records and asset status over the cloud to provide increased transparency.


WSG AIM Software


Being designed around flexible cloud infrastructure, AIM not only has the benefits of increased data security, integrity and global availability. Also, the option to work offline in remote scenarios without limiting information availability to efficiently undertake work.

WSG AIM software can be used throughout an asset’s lifecycle from FEED and construction, through commissioning and operations, to late-life and decommissioning.

Key benefits

  • Increased efficiency
    • Reduced paperwork and manual entry
    • QR scanner for quick, accurate asset identification
    • Auto-generated reports
    • Reduced printing, paper and environmental impact
  • Improved data integrity
    • Securely stored in the cloud
    • Rollback of a database if required
    • Geo-replication for continuity and disaster recovery
  • Enhanced reports
    • Photographic records
    • Digital signatures
    • Increased level of detail
    • Historical data stored