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Our Asset Solutions comes in three levels:

WSG Plenary Asset Solutions






Contracting Partnerships

Outside of Project delivery of an Asset, we provide Turnkey and Integrated Solutions for Dry Docks, on station Shutdowns, upgrades, and campaigns.

Technical Authority Delegation & Support

We provide technical support utilising our frame agreements and in-house expertise provides Level 2 & 3 Technical Authorities with named personnel on retention.

Software Systems

Our Systems cover a wealth of set up and ongoing management of Maintenance Management Systems. Specialised bespoke Piping Management Systems & Electrical Hazardous Equipment Register & Repositories are also available directly from us. They are available from the project phase or can be reverse populated with some level of automation from an asset latter life phase.

Operations Readiness & Assurance

We provide expert set up for Project Management, Operations Readiness & Assurance, Maintenance & Integrity Planning & Execution and Training & Competency. An integrated project to operations delivery interface is planned into the execution through our bespoke Operations Completions delivery gateway system.

WSG Plenary Asset Solutions BHP Dry Docking Management



We do provide additional resources to core crew positions. This may just be to provide Ad Hoc Crew or dedicated O&M personnel in project phases, freeing up core crew for R&R and training, or just cover for recruitment lag.

Ad Hoc Production Ops Crewing

Additional (Ad Hoc) crew can cover a wide scenario of scope but typically;- pre-arrival surveys, preservation of existing and newly completed systems and Pre operations running of systems handed over in the project completions phase – all with the competency required for O&M core crew.

This does allow integration of our operations staffing solutions ,which is an option to onboard project phase personnel into the production phase, for a time limited option, or full-time employment transfer to core crew staff.

Some areas of benefit we have seen are:-

• Enabling a period of employment engagement for review and further assessment without additional direct hire costs.
• Enabling a percentage of Core Crew to be hired directly later (our Ops Staffing Solution)
• Reduction and acceptance of Project interface – with an Operation-ability and maintain-ability experienced view.
• Carry over with plant & asset knowledge is increased and shared
• More local content in an upfront training package to replace Ad Hoc “project” Crew